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I’ve been binge watching The Walking DeadĀ  to catch up before the new season starts. If you follow this blog you may remember me saying I hated it, but I decided to give it a second chance after a few people told me it gets better. So I did, and about halfway through Season 3 I finally got into it.

Which leads me to today’s Song Of The Day. While watching The Walking Dead, I kept hearing this background music that reminded me of something else.Ā IĀ couldn’tĀ pinpoint what song exactly and it was driving me mental. Today, I finally realised it wasĀ A Warm Place byĀ Nine Inch Nails:


One of the things I love most aboutĀ this song is that it represents the capability an artist has to defy expectations and veer off in another direction entirely. Ā When I first heard The Downward Spiral,Ā I remember how much this song stood out, while still fitting perfectly within the narrative of the album.

It can be scary to do that as an artist, particularly if you’re already pinnedĀ to a specificĀ genre, as Reznor was with Industrial music. Considering he went on to win an Oscar nearly two decades later for his work onĀ The Social Network score, this song always reminds me of why it’s important to take a chance and follow your artistic instincts – even if you risk alienating your existing audience.


I’ve started watching people play games either via Youtube, or live streaming through Steam. With the advent of the youtube video app on Xbox360, it’s never been easier to watch youtube on your console (although inexplicably, navigating youtube has never been harder #firstworldproblems).

I totally found this skull without any help because I am 1337. Ā image credit:Ā

It used to be that i’d only venture into gameplay videos on Youtube if I was stuck on some difficult and obscure task like finding that oneĀ elusive skull in Halo, or to laboriously track down all those goddamned pigeons you had to cap in GTA4.

Thanks Youtube!Ā image credit:

But lately, i’ve been finding myself watching Youtube videos of games that I don’t intend to play, or can’t be bothered playing, or maybe started playing years ago but then had to abandon as work commitments, study, or life in general intervened and sapped my precious gaming time.