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Working can be fun, frivolous, frustrating… all sorts of F-words come to mind when contemplating “work” and what it means to me; but “free” is not usually one of them.

As an aspiring blogger, i’ve worked both low-paid and no-paid jobs… hell, mainly no-paid jobs. So, here’s my thoughts on working for free: frankly, I don’t recommend it. Unless you are doing it entirely for yourself, it only ends in tears – well, in my experience anyway.

If you’re studying, starting a new business, have little or no experience, changing careers, young, old, or just aren’t an assertive person, odds are you’re in danger of falling into this unpaid work trap at some point. And since I fall into most of the aforementioned categories, I found myself facing the unpaid work dilemma recently.




Posted: July 31, 2012 in Let's Play A Game
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Slender is a creepy indie freeware game currently doing the rounds. It seems like every gamer I follow is talking about it at the moment. I was already somewhat familiar with the story of “Slender Man” from a foray into the 4Chan paranormal boards a few years back, and was interested to see how someone had managed to work the concept into a game. So last night I dimmed the lights and fired up the old laptop to see what it’s all about.