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I re-watched season 2 of Bojack Horseman today, and for those that don’t know, the series finale ends with Courtney Barnett’s “Avant Gardener” playing over the credits. It’s a great sync, and as an Aussie it makes me feel weirdly proud to see a local doing so well.

When I first heard C-Barnes on FBi 2 years ago, there is no way I would’ve guessed that she’d explode on the international music scene and end up being one of the biggest Aussie music exports of the decade.

.I liked it, and I could definitely relate to it – but there’s a ton of local acts I feel that way about, and they usually remain stuck on the sidelines, achieving ‘local hero’ status in the realms of alternative radio and sold-out local shows, but rarely, if ever breaking onto an international stage.

But she did, and she gets today’s song of the day. Here’s my absolute favourite version of Depreston ever:


On a side note, I have a love-hate relationship with this song because I wrote a song that sounds really similar a few years ago, but could never figure out how to finish it. It’s the same 2 chords, tempo, feel, and a similar vocal melody, and there’s just no foreseeable way I could finish it now without it sounding like a total rip-off of Depreston.

So this song always reminds me that if you don’t do something with that great idea you have, the universe will eventually give it to someone else who will.


I was hanging out with a friend last night who isn’t really into Smith Street – “too ocka and shouty” was her general complaint – but we usually like the same stuff, so she asked me to make a mix for her to check out.

Driving home I was thinking about what songs to put in there, and I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore was high on the list. I think anyone who’s battled the black dog and won (even if only temporarily) can probably relate to the sentiment of this song. It always makes me smile when I hear it and it goes off live.

Also the little lead riff that comes in during the bridge reminds of a classical song that I just can’t put my finger on – I think it’s the song usually played on the church bells at weddings? 100 music genius points to anyone who can name that song for me!


High Tension are my favourite Australian band, and I had the pleasure of seeing them play live supporting Cancer Bats a few weeks ago. Their live shows are super-fun and it’s hard not to end up with a big smile on your facing watching the band do their thing.

Sadly they didn’t play this song, which is one of my faves off their most recent album Bully, but I just got my tickets to Laneway so i’m hoping ‘Take Control’ has worked its way in to the set-list by then.