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3.99 Hz

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Art, Exhibitions, Lurker Life, Music

3.99 Hz: An Exhibition by Angie Taylor & Chrissie Hall

A few months back, my friend Chrissie Hall asked me to create a soundscape for an exhibition she was working on. The underlying concept was to explore the five frequencies of human brain waves (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma and Delta).

The exhibition ran for a month at Kind of Gallery in St. Leonards, and also got a short run at Create or Die in Marrickville. There’s a post over on the XRay Doll blog about the exhibition, including some pictures from opening night here. We also got to make a sensor-activated ‘talking brain’ which was really cool (and somewhat creepy).

I designed the soundscape in 5 acts, each representing a different brainwave, and it was installed as an audio loop for the duration of the exhibition. I released it under my alter ego/art project name BI0MECHANICAL, and finally chucked it up on soundcloud. Best listened to in altered state: