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I’ve been slacking on my posts and should probably rename this category ‘song of the week’, because I haven’t come close to posting a song a day like I promised myself I would – but something is better than nothing right?

Anyway, today’s song of the day is Die Antwoord’s I Fink U Freeky. I was lucky enough to see Die Antwoord live when they were touring Tension back in 2012, and I Fink u Freeky was the highlight of the night. There’s video of that concert but the audio is rubbish, plus there’s something about the way Letterman’s audience reacts to the band that makes this a winner.

That build-up, that drop, Ninja’s raver dad-dancing and a self-censored lyric that is up there with ‘what i’d like’s to hug and kiss you‘. I don’t dance often, but when I do, it’s to Die Antwoord.


We have this music video show called Rage in Australia. It’s been around for over 20 years, and it’s something of an institution because every Australian has, at some point, spent a delirious night watching rage after coming home inebriated, finding themselves transfixed by a magical stream of music videos that continues, uninterrupted, until shortly after dawn. And so it was that I had some of the best music-discovery moments in my life.

And one of the first was the premiere of Babes In Toyland’s Sweet 69 video. I’d just turned 13 years old, and was getting into bands like Nirvana and The Offspring. In the early 90’s, Guns N’ Roses and Metallica dominated the world so i’d been a fan since I was 10. But the idea that women even existed in that ‘heavy music’ space had never occurred to me until the very moment this video rolled on rage.

It hit me like a fist in the face. To this day, when I hear this song I can remember how excited it made me to see 3 chicks playing that kind of music.

In short – fucking game-changer.